Kids Portrait Photography Sessions



Kids portrait sessions start from a 1-1½ hour photography session up to a full day of fun and are by far my favourite type of shoot. I photograph continuously throughout the session with no maximum to the number of shots taken.

I interact with your children therefore able to capture that unguarded relaxed moment that is a true reflection of your child’s spirit and personality. A unique portrait that reflects one of the best stages of life.

Everyday we see our children playing happily on the beach, by the pool, at parties or just dressing up as cowboys or princesses. These are valuable moments of their life which I aim to capture for you. I offer home visits to help you children relax and allow your photographs to complement your setting.

You will  be presented with a minimum of 50 high resolution and unwatermarked images that have been individually post produced to the highest level. The images will be sent to you on a DVD. Your images will also be displayed on a secure gallery (password protected if required), for you, your friends and family to view.

For more information or to make a booking please contact me on: