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Gibraltar, situated at the southern tip of the Iberian Peninsula and bordered by Spain to the north, is a British Overseas Territory spanning a mere 2.6 square miles (6.7 square kilometers). It boasts a strategic location at the confluence of the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea.

Gibraltar boasts a rich and intricate history. The Phoenicians initially settled the region in the 10th century BC. The Moors took control of Gibraltar in 711 AD, governing it for over 700 years. In 1462, the Spanish captured the territory and maintained control until 1713, when it was relinquished to the British under the Treaty of Utrecht. Gibraltar has remained in British possession ever since.

In 1967, Gibraltarians voted overwhelmingly to stay under British sovereignty, resulting in the closure of the border with Spain, which remained shut for 13 years. The border gradually reopened, with full access restored in 1985.

Gibraltar comprises a rocky landscape dominated by the iconic limestone rock formation that lends its name to the territory. The renowned Rock of Gibraltar soars to a height of 1,398 feet (426 meters) and is inhabited by Barbary macaques, often called “Barbary apes.”

The economy revolves around finance, shipping, and tourism. The territory’s alluringly low corporate taxes make it an attractive hub for offshore companies. The port of Gibraltar plays a pivotal role, serving as a major transit point for goods moving between Europe and Africa.

Due to its strategic significance, Gibraltar holds a critical military position for the British Armed Forces. It houses a British Royal Navy base and various defence installations.

Visitors to Gibraltar can enjoy a variety of activities, including:

• Touring the Rock of Gibraltar to relish breathtaking vistas of the Mediterranean Sea and Spain.
• Exploring the Great Siege Tunnels, constructed during the Great Siege of Gibraltar from 1779 to 1783.
• Visiting St. Michael’s Cave, a network of limestone caves located within the Upper Rock Nature Reserve.
• Strolling through the Alameda Gardens, home to diverse plant species and flowers.
• Shopping along Main Street, Gibraltar’s primary pedestrian shopping hub.

Gibraltar is a captivating and distinctive destination. It represents a melting pot of cultures, boasting a storied history and a vibrant atmosphere.

Here a few of my favourites taken on a recent trip with a galaxy s20 phone.



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